meet the crew

“If the whole world lived like Danceitation,                

what an amazing place it would be.”    

- A, Brighton

Martine Kirkbride


Founder of Danceitation, Martine is a passionate freestyle dancer who has had a strong meditation practice for over thirty years. Australian-born but English-raised, she has a background in Life Coaching, Firo-B, Myers-Briggs, and strong interests in Jungian psychology, NVC and the Enneagram. She has also been a parent for 25 years. All this is channelled into her gigs, giving the Danceitation raves an edge like no other.

Geoffrey (Aranyaka) Newman


After completing a science degree at Bristol University, Aranyaka joined the Fire Brigade in Glasgow and founded Dhanakosha Retreat Centre. Having spent large chunks of time in retreat pursuing his passion for meditation, he is presently promoting Danceitation with Martine.

Jasmin Kirkbride


With an MA in Ancient History from King's College London, Jasmin now works as a freelance journalist, editor and designer and is a published author. She's always on hand for musical advice, offering her favourite tracks to the Danceitation DJ Board - and, of course, she's always up for a boogie!

The One & Only Fabulous Team of Volunteers


Danceitation would simply not be possible without our incredible, hard-working, passionate team of volunteers, who give up their free time to lift speakers, unravel fairy lights and man the door.  We love them immensely.


If you're interested in helping out with Danceitation, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we can always use another pair of hands!  Perks of the job include a free ticket to the event you're helping with!