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frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions, but do get in touch if you need to know anything else!


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Where can I buy tickets?

Visit the Events page on our website. We'll list the ticket-seller in the event description. 


We strongly recommend prebooking, as we often sell out in advance.

Do you offer concession rates?

We try to offer concession rates where we can, but it isn't always possible. Please refer to the specific gig on the Events page for details.

What time do your gigs finish?

At our own gigs, we normally finish dancing dot on 10pm, unless otherwise advertised. However, our free homemade hot chai, yummy snacks and candle lit dance floor picnic are available afterwards. We recommend sticking around for this as it's a very friendly way to come back down from the Danceitation clouds!


If we're gigging in collaboration with someone else, it's a bit different, and is best to refer to the specific event for times.

What kind of music do you use?

We use music from all over the world. From trance, alternative and house, to folk, electro-swing, and classical. We've even been known to play movie sound tracks! 


You name it, if it works for that moment and has the right energy, we'll use it.

Is it mainly women who come to Danceitation?

Actually, we're proud of the fact that we always have roughly equal numbers of men and women at Danceitation.

Will I have to dance with other people?

No, we never ask you to dance with other people, though you can if you want. All that we ask is that you are sensitive to where other people are at and whether they want to keep to themselves.


Dancing with other people can be wonderful, but so can having the freedom to dance alone.

Do I have to dance for the whole two hours?

No, you can lie down or sit in meditation at any point in the evening. We only ask that you do so at the edges of the room, leaving the middle free for those who want to dance.

Are there a lot of instructions and do I have to follow particular steps?

No, you can always dance in whatever way works for you. There are no steps to follow and no instructions on how to move. It's entirely up to you how you dance, when you dance and who you dance with.

Is there lots of talking?

No, there isn't. We ask that you keep the chit-chat out and leave the words behind for a couple of hours. By all means laugh, cry, shout, etc. but, like you would in meditation, try and drop a bit deeper and really let go into yourself.

Is there a charge for the chai and snacks?

No, that’s all included in the ticket as part of your complete Danceitation experience!

What's the dress code?

Dress code is anything you like - but make sure it's comfy as you'll be dancing loads! We also recommend layers as it can get pretty hot.


Most people like to dance barefoot but feel free to wear indoor trainers or dancing shoes if you'd rather.



Should I bring a blanket?

Only if you want to cuddle up and keep warm at the end of the night!

Can I bring my yoga mat to lie on?

Yes, so long as you lay it out at the edge of the room.

I still don't understand what Danceitation is - could you tell me more about it?

Specific questions are always welcome, do get in touch, but really the best way to explain Danceitation is to do it - so come on down and give it a try!

I'm seven months pregnant - can I come along?

The best policy if you're pregnant is to talk with your mid-wife or GP and see what she/he has to say as we are not qualified to answer that question. If you do come we ask that you are very careful and stay safe for you and your baby, staying aware of the volume of the music, other people, etc.

Can I have your playlist please?

Our playlist, like our chai recipe, is a closely guarded secret. We love that people often ask for our playlist, it means we’re getting it right, but we don't publish it. Yet...

What is your age limit and range?

Danceitation is for over 16s only, but beyond that the age range of our dancers is huge. From people in their 20s to those well over 65!

Do people attend on their own?

Yes, men and women both turn up on their own. We're a super-friendly, super-safe crowd, so you can enjoy dancing on your own or come and make friends!

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