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“An amazing experience.

              Just try it. You will love it.”

                                          - C, Brighton

We're going online for the best night out - in!

Let's be honest, it's been a bit of a year - but we can still find ways to be together even when we're apart. That's why we've taken Danceitation online, beaming our trademark good times direct from our home to yours. Why be locked down when you can be locked up with Danceitation?

And the best bit is these events are global - wherever you are, whichever time zone you're in, whatever is going on in the world, this is a party you're invited to.

Welcome to our house...

 Danceitation Online - BUY TICKETS

 Where: Your house!

 When: Saturday 6th March 2021

 What time: 7pm (2pm EST 11am PST)

What people say about our online events:

"Loved it! Thank you."

"Feeling so much lighter and refreshed now, I can't wait for the next one!"

"Thank you for the magical evening."

"I feel like I haven't moved my body in a whole year. It was so healing to feel some joy! The only time I really let go is at festivals during the summer, which of course we all missed this year."

"Banging tunes as always, and I instantly felt such a beautiful connection with everyone on the Zoom!"

"It's wonderful to come together with conscious dancers, totally wonderful."

"Danceitation Online was exactly what I needed! I came along feeling drained but the guided meditation journey was so magical - thank you! I felt so held throughout the whole session, so I was able to properly let go."

"It was the first time in a long time I really relaxed, and I felt so euphoric during the dance tracks. Amazing to feel connected to other like-minded people and to tune into myself."

Top tips for a great night...

Before one of our online events, make sure you:

  • Download Zoom and create a free account

  • Clear some space, we're going to dance our socks off

  • Wear comfy clothes you can relax and dance in

  • Wear trainers or go bare foot

  • Bring water, it's going to get hot

  • Link your phone or computer to a good speaker or earphones... and Rock Om!


For an extra special vibe, hang or drape a string of sparkly lights in your room.


And don't forget to close the bar and open your mind - Danceitation is a drug & alcohol free event, even online.

We're always adding new events to our calendar, so keep checking back here - you never know when we'll be near you! Or join our email list and get Danceitation updates straight to your inbox.

For all our events, we recommend dancing barefoot and wearing comfy, loose clothing in layers you can take off - it’s going to get hot! Similarly, please bring a large bottle of water to keep hydrated.


Unfortunately, the lower age limit is 16, so please leave the kids at home, but our upper age limit doesn’t exist - currently the most senior participant has been 91!